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Let’s introduce you to the history of You Chill We Work.

The main information is already on the name. “You Chill” during your holidays in the best way, and “We Work” to make your holidays like the vacations you always dreamed to have. You Chill, We Work, it’s the luxury to nothing, that’s a great idea right?

I will introduce myself a bit before talking about You Chill We Work. I began my working life in the luxury hospitality field, where I was head hostess. This position helped me to evolve considerably into the customer care environment. After this first adventure, I grew up step by step in this domain and I was also PR executive. PR executive means that I was managing and creating special events for demanding requests. I practiced all these various missions in several places around the world (France, England, Australia and Thailand). I’m a rigorous woman and a little bit eccentric but that’s between you and me. That’s the reason I’ve got very high expectations for my guests.

I’m a passionate woman, who love travelling, cooking, eating and I love doing sport like Thai boxing. The goal of creating You Chill, We Work, was to share my style and knowledges to special persons. Oh sorry, I almost forgot I’m Melissa.

Conciergerie services koh samui
Conciergerie services koh samui beach lamai

You Chill, We Work was created in 2016, and the first mission was to help you prepare your next vacation on our paradise island, Koh Samui. Choose You Chill, We Work to organize your vacations, it’s getting the chance to do things with originality and high end standards.

In 2011, I decided to drop my suitcases and bags in Koh Samui. After few months, I started to know the island pretty well, and I discovered the best spots and hidden gems of the island.

You Chill, We Work guides you throughout your holidays to make them the most successful as possible! From the selection of your villa to the booking of any activities or services, the only thing you have to do it’s to contact us and we will take care of it for you the way you deserve it.

All our different villas for rent are available on our website, and we are the only one to look after these properties. We have a various prices, suited to different budgets, different styles and different locations. We really hope that you can find the villa tailored to your desires. Once you found the right villa, you just have to finalize your booking. If you have any questions, you can use the live chat to contact us directly.


Booking your stay with You Chill, We Work, it’s having access to a large range of services and activities to do in Koh Samui and on the surroundings islands: Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Tan and much more.


We will explain you more about our tailored services on the next article. Stay tuned

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