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You Chill We Work | Koh Samui Thailand

plats thai

You Chill We Work will talk with you about Thai culinary art today, because eating is life !

Thai gastronomy,  in some aspects is similar of its Chinese, Indian and Burmese neighbours, distinguished by original flavours and ingredients: curry, mint, lemongrass, coriander, red basil. The diversity and finesse of Thai gastronomy, on its own, deserves the trip. You will discover delicate flavours and complex recipes, Thai food will become a passion for you as it is for 100% of Thais. The art of Thai cuisine is the extraordinary combination of sweet, spicy, sweet and sour, with stunning aromas and a delicate presentation. A typical Thai meal includes rice, fish, soup, spicy salad, vegetables and sometimes a meat dish made from pork, chicken or beef.

One of the most important social events for Thai people is dinner because it is one of the only moments where one can be in nice company while enjoying the exotic tastes of different dishes!

During your stay, try Thai famous dishes with a multitude of flavors. Succumb to the temptation of these dishes, you will not be disappointed !

  • Khao Pat : Is a rice dish with vegetables and meat of choice, usually served with a bowl of fish sauce and a half lemon for seasoning.khao pad
  • Pad Thai : Pad Thai is noodles with soy sprouts, pieces of tofu, crushed peanuts, eggs and usually shrimp.

phad thai

  • Khao Man Kai : Khao man kai is rice cooked on chicken broth and served with pieces of chicken breast. The dish is accompanied by a delicious ginger sauce and a bowl of broth.khao man kai
  • Pat Krapao : Is meat (pork, chicken, etc.) or tofu, fried in oyster sauce and with a good big handle of sacred basil leaf.pad krapao
  • Pat See You : broad rice noodles fried with soy sauce. Usually it’s accompanied with chicken.pad see you
  • Som Tam : this dish is reserved for thrill lovers, it is a dish that can be very spicy! It is a green papaya salad cut into strips and crushed with among other things: fish sauce, mini tomatoes, lemon, peanuts and hot peppers. This salad is available in several versions, it can be made with grapefruit, Noni or mango, and it may be accompanied by crab or fermented fish.som tam
  • Kaeng Phed : this dish is also reserved for thrill lovers, it is a dish that can be very spicy. Kaeng phed, means spicy curry, it is often prepared with chicken or pork.kaeng phed
  • Khao Niao Ma Mouang : Gooey rice with mango and coconut milk is a delicious Thai dish or dessert.khao niao
  • Tom Kha Kai : It is a delicious Thai soup with a very lemony taste, with galanga root and well-simmered combava leaves in coconut milk.tom kha kai
  • Tom Yam Kung : Tom Yam Kung (or Koung) is a spicy soup with incredible flavors, composed of aromatic plants, such as lemongrass, bergamot leaves or  galanga root.tom yam khung