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Koh Tan

Ko Tan is inhabited by about 20-30 people. Because of comings and goings of tourists, the population fluctuates constantly.
In the 1960s there were about 500 persons living on the island.
Because of higher wages on the neighbouring island of Ko Samui, most inhabitants emigrated there. The island has several beaches suitable for snorkeling and is surrounded by coral reefs.

Koh Tan

Luxury Tour

Koh Tan and his sister, Koh Matsum, are two small islands located at the southern tip of Koh Samui.

The island is surrounded by coral reefs.

It’s ideal for a little snorkeling.

2,900 THB / pers. all inclusive, min 4 pers

Koh Tan

Green Peace Island

Green Peace Island Tour

Adult 2,200 THB

Child 1,700 THB

Privatization of the day possible : 13 000 THB

(6 persons max ) + 1 500 THB by additional people

Lunch in Koh Tan

Adult 1,200 THB | With transfer 1,500 THB

Child 1,000 THB | With transfer 1,200 THB

Bike Rental

Full Day 300 THB | With guide 800 THB

3 hours 200 THB | With guide 500 THB

1 hour 100 THB | With guide 300 THB

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